Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At, we respect the right of privacy to the extreme level. As a customer-oriented online company, we left no stone unturned to protect the privacy, dignity, and sentiments of each and every user of Our website has been designed in such a way that it poses no threat to the device of the users including the computer, phones, and laptops. We are proud of having a harmless and secure privacy policy which are fully in compliance with the best interest of all users. Continuous use of our services means that you have read all the aspects of our services and accept them without any objection. This column of privacy policy aims to inform all customers, visitors, and users about how we collect your information when you visit our website or place comments below the contents and why we store your information and share it.

What information we may collect

There are many types of information that we may collect when you access our website through PC, laptops, computers, and mobile phones. Broadly, the information that we collect may be divided into two-part voluntary information and involuntary information. Voluntary information is the information that you share on our website by typing them yourself in the comment section like phone number, email address, name, and whatever you mention in the comment section or in the email that you send us to get the assistance. On the other hand, involuntary information is that information that you don't share with us intentionally but our website automatically stores in our data. For more information find what kind of information our website stores in.

  • System or Device characteristics: When you access our site, we collect some basic information about the devices you are using like the operating system, IP address, brand and type of the device, operating system, search engine browser, history of the browser, and other technical specification.
  • Settings and features of the device: As soon as you start browsing this site, our website may gather information on your device settings, configuration, and features as well.
  • Online engagement: Online engagement means how many times you have accessed our website in a day and how much time you spend on our website and at what time.
  • Comments: Of course, comments are something that is totally up to the people who visit our services. As we are a prompt and fast service provider we always make sure that our customer assistance will always be available in the services of troubled customers. As a result, we store the comments and everything users mentioned in it. And later on accordingly, we take further steps.
  • Why we collect information

    Kindly be informed that our intentions are crystal clear in collecting the data of the visitors. As we are a law-abiding company, we are remotely not involved in the pursuance of any kind of suspected activity. Respecting all forms of consumer rights we are delivering our immaculate services to the customer in the US. Now read further the harmless reasons for collecting the wide-ranging information of the visitors.

  • Safety of our data: You may be aware of the fact that nowadays online threats are on the rise. In our holistic approach to keep safe the website, we store the data of the visitors.
  • Growth and improvement: Another good reason for storing the data of the visitors is our aim to improve our website to enhance customer services.
  • To Preserve modesty: To maintain a healthy and positive environment is our top priority. As a part of our holistic approach to keeping intact the integrity and decency of our customer-oriented website, we collect the information of all the people who visit our website.
  • To maintain the records: To study the past and current performance of our services, it is important to compile and store the data of the users. Such accumulated data comes as a great help when making a plan for the future.
  • How we use collected data is determined to act in conformity with all applicable law and its provisions. Hence, we use the collected data for evolution, research, and development purposes. Our research and marketing team creates the digital profile of all the folks who visited our risk-free website. And then, all the digital profiles we discussed to understand all the aspects of our services. While using the data and information of our valuable visitors, we make sure that no misuse can occur with the details of anyone. We may take the assistance of experts who have specialization in arranging and compiling the data to achieve better results. Find below the entities who may share your details for just study and development purposes:

  • Research and audit partners
  • Service providers.
  • Associates and affiliates of our organization.
  • Cookies

    Cookies consist of small text files that are stored in the device of the users when they visit any website. Of course, we also use cookies, but under the conformity of the law and order. Neither our cookies are detrimental to your device nor to your privacy. Our cookies just help us to bridge the gap between users' demands and our deliveries. Continuous use of our website by you confirms that you agree to our cookies policy and allow to track us your frequent online activity.

    What right you reserve

    While using's website, all the users have the right to request the removal of their own collected information from our data management system. Moreover, everyone user can give up the use of our service if you have any objection to any aspects of our terms and use. Last but not least, if you have been humiliated by any other users on our website by any means, feel free to contact us. We assure you that we will take serious action and after a thorough investigation, we may terminate the account of the culprit upon his/her establishment as a real offender.

    Data security policy

    We are proud of using the best practices to ensure the data we collect from our dearest customers. You will be glad to know that our website is totally protected by cutting-edge anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-hacking software and programs. Our experts in the IT department work round the clock just to make sure that our online services and the user's experience could be kept safe and secure.


    At any point in time, we reserve the right of making changes in our terms of services partially or completely without your being aware of it. We will update and post the new amendment here on this page whenever any change takes place.

    Contact us

    You are welcome if you have any concerns that you would like to clarify with us. You can contact us through the website. We assure you that we will reply to you at the earliest and help you with more information.