Will The Cash App Refund Stolen Money? A Quick Guide On Cash App Refund

Will The Cash App Refund Stolen Money? A Quick Guide On Cash App Refund

Will The Cash App Refund Stolen Money? A Quick Guide On Cash App Refund

Undoubtedly, Cash App is a safe and secure platform to make payments and investments. However, if you send money to an unknown person, in this case, Cash App is not responsible for refunding your stolen money. Therefore, you should send and receive money to and from a trusted & known person. Many users are doubtful of ‘Cash App refund stolen money’. Cash App is popular for its top-notch security, however, scammers keep breaking the security and according to the US Federal Reserve, as of 2021, there were approx. 2.8 million fraud reports and the losses are growing 70% year-over-year.

Scammers are also making their ways to steal money from your Cash App accounts. But what if a scammer has stolen your money? Will the Cash App refund stolen money? Read to know all about Cash App refund stolen money and how to get it back. 

Short  Answer 

No, There is no guarantee that you will get a refund for the stolen money. Cash App can mediate between you and the merchant to get your money back. However, it depends solely on the merchant (recipient) whether he returns or not. 

Will the Cash App refund stolen money?

No, Cash App is not obliged to refund if someone has scammed you on Cash App or you have sent money to a scammer who is not refunding it. However, the Cash App team will assist you to get your stolen money back and to resolve the Cash App scam at its full potential. Moreover, Cash App users can follow options as shown below to get your money back. 

How to refund stolen money on Cash App

If you have sent money to an unknown person or scammer, follow the options for reporting the fraud and attempting to get a refund: 

  1. Cancel the payment 
  2. Request a refund 
  3. Dispute the transaction 
  4. Report the transaction a scam 
  5. Report the scam account 
  6. Notify your bank of the scam
  7. Freeze your credit 
  8. Report the fraud to the government 

Cancel the payment 

Cash App payments are instant and users almost fail to cancel them. However, they can cancel the payments in rare cases. 


Log in to Cash App > Tap the clock icon  to view recent activity > Locate the fraudulent payment > Tap the fraudulent payment > Look for a “Cancel” link there. If there is no cancel link, Cash App finalised the payment > Click the link to cancel the transaction (if available).


Request a Refund

The second step is to request a refund, this is the next action Cash App members take to get Cash App refund stolen money. Steps are:

Login  Cash App account > Tap the clock icon to view transactions > Locate the transaction in question > Tap the transaction > Tap the “Refund” option >Tap “OK.”

Dispute the transaction

This is the next step where you force the merchant to refund the stolen money. The steps to follow are:

Login Cash App >Tap on the clock icon > find & tap the fraudulent transaction > Tap the three small dots icon > Tap on the “Need Help & Cash App Support” option >Tap “Dispute Transaction.”

Once you filed the dispute, the Cash App team will go through the matter. 

Report the fraudulent transaction to Cash App 

Login  Cash App > Tap the profile icon > Tap “Support.” > Tap “Report a Payment Issue.” >Select the fraudulent transaction >  follow the On-screen prompts.

Report and Block the scam account 

Sometimes, it may be a potential scam account, therefore, you should clock this account. 

Log in to Cash App > Search for the scam account profile > View the profile and scroll to the bottom > Tap on “Report” or “Block” > then follow the prompts to take the action required

Notify your bank 

When you get to know about fraud that involves your bank or debit card, immediately contact your bank and notify your bank of the fraud that happened to you. The bank representative will advise you to take action to protect your account. 

 Lock on your credit 

If a scammer has access to your Cash App account,  your financial information is also at risk. Therefore, you should lock or freeze your credit by contacting the major bureaus. 

Cash App refund stolen money: FAQs

What happens if someone scams me on Cash App?

It depends only on you, whether you bear the loss or take some action and file the dispute against the scammer. Although the Cash App support team  will mediate and assist you what it can but it is not obliged to refund your money. 

How many days does the Cash App take to refund your money?

Cash App tries to refund your money as soon as possible and the process may take up to 10 business days. 

Can a scammer hack your Cash App account with your email ID?

No, only an email address is not sufficient to hack your Cash App account. Cash App is a highly secured platform and hackers are not able to hack it easily.

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